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I want to start losing weight!

Are you tired of...


...not being able to lose weight no matter what you do? 

...yo-yo dieting?

...constantly craving sugar?

...always feeling hungry?

...spending time counting and tracking calories?

...being stuck on a weight loss plateau?

...feeling tired all the time?

Yes! I need help!

Imagine if you could...

  • Work with your body to lose weight and keep it off
  • Stop yo-yo dieting for good
  • Have more energy throughout the day
  • Get better sleep
  • Reduce belly fat
  • Reverse insulin resistance
  • Improve or reverse chronic illness
  • Break your sugar addiction
  • Feel more confident about your body
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You've probably tried diets and weight loss programs in the past that left you frustrated and overwhelmed. 

Ketogenic Solutions is different because it is a step-by-step program, based on the same principles that I've used to coach my one-on-one clients to weight loss success for years. The Ketogenic Diet is NOTHING like traditional dieting. The focus is not on calories, it's on fixing the root cause of weight gain.

The information is laid out into manageable, easy-to-complete lessons. I've broken down the lessons in a way that will feel like I'm personally coaching you through the process.

This program supplies you with absolutely everything you need to begin and continue your health journey. You are given just the right amount of information to start building a strong foundation of knowledge to begin changing your habits for the better. Temple then adds more information accordingly, always being supportive and positive.

-Lori K.

The Ketogenic Solution course will:

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Teach you all the things you need to know to follow Keto 


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Discuss intermittent fasting and women's hormones

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Teach how to grocery shop and meal prep on Keto

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Help you overcome plateaus and make this a lifelong change

I'm ready to get started!
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Want to see a sneak peek inside?!

➔ Module 1: Intro to Keto

➔ Module 2: The Basics

➔ Module 3: Meal Planning

➔ Module 4: Mindset

➔ Module 5: Inflammation and Plateaus 

➔ Module 6: Fasting

➔ Module 7: Carb Cycling

➔ Module 8: Troubleshooting

See what kind of results you could get when you join Ketogenic Solutions:

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Welcome, I'm Temple

I’m a Registered Dietitian. I specialize in helping women lose weight and realize the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle.

I created The Ketogenic Solutions course after a Keto lifestyle helped me lose 40 pounds and reverse my PCOS and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. 

I want to help other women lose weight and improve their health. 

The Ketogenic Solution is based on my personal experience with Keto and the strategies that have worked for so many of my one-on-one Keto coaching clients. This step-by-step program is the roadmap to your weight loss and health goals.

See what my clients are saying...

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Jess R

Yesterday I reached 199! First time in 3.5 yeras that I've been under 200# - highest was 250! I'm seriously starting to feel normal again & in some ways better than normal.

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I'm so thankful that I decided to take the leap. Thank you for your leadership! If anyone is on the fence, just do it. You'll thank yourself later. 

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15.2 lbs down and I have lost 6 inches in my torso, neck, and arms! Super encouraged and feeling great

What's the investment?

Ketogenic Solutions


Top features

  • A self-paced 8 lesson video-based program
  • Access to downloadable guides, lists, templates, and PDFs
  • Access to a private accountability group and exclusive content and resources
  • Access to the content for the life of the course
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