Quick Keto Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss

Quick Keto Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss

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Quick Keto Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss

Lunch seems to be one of the most problematic meals for those following a ketogenic diet. ⁠

I often see people fail to plan and prepare and then find themselves running through fast food or ordering out. ⁠

These "5 Quick Keto Lunch Meals" will make your life easier. ⁠

1 - Salad in a jar: Talk about versatile! You can basically throw any combination of vegetables and protein in a jar and call it a salad. I love adding guacamole and sometimes even a few raspberries. ⁠

2 - BLT Stuffed Avocado: Packed with potassium and filling fats, this one is sure to be a hit. You can get creative here with the mixins as well. ⁠

3 - Meat Roll-Ups: The kids love these. Mess-free and easy to make. ⁠

4 - Bento Box: Aka adult snack box! Mix and match just make sure you choose a variety and include both a protein and fat source to keep you full for the whole day. ⁠

5 - Chicken Salad: This one is low-key my favorite. I'm a self-admitted chicken salad addict. ⁠

If you're looking for quick, on-the-go keto options for lunch, here you go! ⁠

Remember, meal prep doesn't have to be complicated or hard, it just NEEDS TO GET DONE. ⁠

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