How To Build A Keto Powerhouse Salad For Weight Loss

easy meals keto recipes low carb salad Mar 18, 2022

How to build a Keto Powerhouse Salad 

SAVE THIS LOW CARB RECIPE - you'll thank me later.

As busy people, it can be really easy to get off track with your diet and weight loss goals if you don't have easy-to-make meals and go-to keto recipes.  Salads are a great option for quick keto meals, but having the same salad every day can get boring, really quickly. 

That's why I wanted to show you how to build a powerhouse salad, perfect for anyone on a ketogenic diet. 

Keep reading to learn how I make a keto-approved salad that is great for a low-carb lunch.

Step One: Choose your greens. Now, not everyone does great with fiber and I totally get that. It isn't something I stress. If you can't do greens, try cooked or softened veggies and do a hot bowl instead of salad.

Step Two: Pick at least two proteins. I love experimenting with different combinations. If you skimp on protein, you'll be hungry very quickly.

Step Three: Soaked and roasted are best if you're picking nuts/seeds. Sometimes it's a nice touch to add some that are salted. WATCH OUT FOR VEGETABLE/SEED OILS when buying nuts/seeds.

Step Four: Add in all the fun extras. I'm obsessed with Everything Bagel on my salads, it's perfect.

Step Five: Here are my current dressing recommendations. Salad dressings can get you into a lot of trouble because they're typically made with cheap oils (soybean, vegetable, etc). These brands are my favorites, and ABSOLUTELY worth the extra penny.

With the ketogenic diet - there is never a shortage of variety.

Do you have a favorite salad topping? Drop it in the comments below.

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